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  1. RG3 is on point now recovered from his injuries and in his life … he could start at QB for a team that might have the football intelligence to use him and or have the ability to adept the O sets around him … case scenario in point on "how not to use RG3" Washington Redskins !

  2. Steelers 24 Ravens 17!!! Steelers need to win to get in the playoffs, if they're going to beat the Ravens. Steelers nation unite!!! Here we go Steelers!!!

  3. Duck Hoges can’t beat a fukin soul ?? ravens may win even with RG3. I have no fukin pick in this game. I’m not even gonna watch this gay game

  4. Early in the season when Ben went down, followed by a slew of others. My hopes were, man, if we can just make .500, I'll call that a win. And even if the Steelers lose this weekend, they will still make .500. Their D is amazing though. I can only imagine their D being that much better next season. Also, trying to predict a Steelers/Ravens game is near impossible, you just never know. remember, their match up earlier this season ended in a 3 point game. Which is kind of the norm ( aside from a few) for a match up between the two.

  5. Even against a team resting their star players we'll probably still lose. It's sad when the defense plays the best offense for the team

  6. It’s going to be fun for RG3, a career of unfortunate injuries but might still be a star quarterback. He might show up as a better backup quarterback than half of the starters in the league.

  7. Rg3 doesn't have to play Super Game- Just play a Complete game- Not Great Passes , just good passes. This properly be a tic for Tac game. We score they score.. In the END it who HOLD the Ball the longest that WIN THE GAME!!!

  8. The NFL is going to allow teams to cheat and intentionally try to hurt Baltimore’s QB’s. Today is was just a taste. It’s sad how they will do anything to try to stop this team.

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