Washington Redskins to Warriors? Odds on New Nickname

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There is a lot of pressure on changing the name for the Washington Redskins, the team has announced the official name will be announced on Monday 07/13/2020.

Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins Field

Lots of speculations and the front runner seems to be

  1. Redtails
  2. RedWolves
  3. Warriors

Darren Heitner seems to think that the Washington Warriors has a pending trademark application which makes it the most favorite.

However, based on odds for betting sites, the following seems to be the favorite:

  • Presidents +300
  • Generals +400
  • Lincolns +400
  • Americans +500
  • Kings +500
  • Memorials +500
  • Capitols +600
  • Veterans +600
  • Jeffersons +700
  • Roosevelts +700
  • Monuments +800
  • Arlingtons +1000

We don’t have to wait any longer today, is the day the nickname would be announced.

How about you, what is your preferred nickname?

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