Watch NFL Justin Jefferson Extends Over the Goal Line!

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Justin Jefferson makes sure he extends over the goal line to get a Vikings touchdown. The Atlanta Falcons take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 6 of the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Justin Jefferson Extends Over the Goal Line! and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:48, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


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  3. If they blow this lead I honestly wont know what to say, I doubt they will but leave it to the Falcons to choke any lead possible

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  5. The fact that they had film and broadcast my husband meeting Justin Jefferson with some woman I had never seen before introducing them to each other…yeah, the third result when you Google “keitherson, JustusBoys.”

  6. Hes already one of my favorite players in the league. His attitude, big play ability, and always putting in as much effort as he can makes him so hard to not like. Also his dance moves

  7. I understand why they stop him from dancing because of the blowout, but at least he's alive compare to his zombie teammates.

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