Watch NFL Jalen Hurts Uses His Feet to Move the Eagles Offense!

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Jalen Hurts gets the nod and moves the Eagles upfield. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season.

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This NFL’s video is titled Jalen Hurts Uses His Feet to Move the Eagles Offense! and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:30, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. They have their duel threat QB like LJ, Kyler, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson on the bench and not using him. Smh

  2. Eagles and Wentz relationship is like a man and a woman choosing to stay together because they signed a lease together and don't have the money to separate right now. Lol

  3. We drafted Hurts because if we didn't, Dallas would have. Imagine Hurts playing in Dallas right now? Considering Daks injury. Hurts would be the talk of the NFL-world.

  4. Doug is doing the right thing. He's getting Hurts involved more and more, as the season progresses. I think Doug wants to see how the team reacts when Hurts is taking center. Wentz still has alot of trade-value left. But Doug and the organization need to know if Hurt's ceiling is higher, and if Hurts can potentially reach that level. Very, very interesting….

  5. there are so many other teams that could benefit from jalen as a starting qb. im not gonna say any names, cough cough haskins?

  6. Wentz ain't nevah gon' take Bald Birds to no Big Game. Dat dude (Nick Foles) dun already left Philly. Puttin' Hurts in now cane't "hurt" right?

  7. Stop playing with that mane either make home the starter are let him ride the bench till yall ready to do that

  8. Hopefully he can turn this eagles team around in the future, this guy is extremely elusive. Lamar has some comp.

  9. Man Where were these spin moves & cuts at Alabama ?I enjoyed the power running from Jalen when he was there but dude is showing a new type of shiftiness I haven’t seen from him

  10. Since yhe Eagles are having trouble passing consistently…they should just switch to a running offense with Hurts

  11. he reminds me of pat white running the wildcat for the dolphins back in the day or josh cribbs with the browns or even terrelle pryor

  12. I honestly don't understand keeping Wentz in on running plays. Even with the pass play I'm sure Greg Ward could've did that, he was a QB.

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