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Check out clips from the Week 3 matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. Until now, the Ravens were the last team to never have …

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  1. 0-3. Wow. Never thought of it. Go ahead savage football fans, make fun that we suck. But here's the burns I need to say.

    Browns- too retarded to start Johnny

    Bengals- Always good during regular season but lose first playoff game

    Steelers- Worst fans ever

    Patriots- fake fans since they won the SB and deflate.

    Seacocks- Just the dumbest team ever passing at the goal line.

    Broncos- Oh come on Manning retire already

    Bears- Terrible.

    Raiders- Easiest schedule after week 3, thinking now they're gonna win the SB.

    Redskins- Everyone where I live likes them for some reason but they suck.

    Ravens- Horrible defense this year I must say.

  2. at first i thought that was a bad call but honestly the ball came out when he hit the ground so when people like Yahoo Sports (surprise) call it unfair, you're just uselessly complaining

  3. Andy played lights out except for the INT and the Fumble but when you bounce back like he did it erases the mistakes. AJ is a Monster and now Andy sees what AJ can do if he hits him in stride instead of lofting the ball up and letting the defenders catch up to him. Even though he was on the other team i have to tip my hat to steve Smith. He's not gonna stay retired after next year his phone will be ringing with many offers to come back. He is a beast. (Even though he's a little dirty.. but hey its football!!!) These are the games that the bengals lost in the past but they stood tall through it all and I love it!!!… WHODEY!!!!

  4. Trestman's game plan for the Bengals was genius. Run the ball right at one of the most dominating defensive lines in the game so you gain very little or lose yardage. That way the Bengals don't have to worry about the run at all. Dean Pees was genius too, stack up the DB's near the line of scrimmage so that the Bengals can throw it over the top all day with Will Hill ineffectively blitzing the QB so no safety help over the top. The Ravens are the worst coached team in football. They never plan for the teams they are playing. Harbaugh thinks his system never needs adjustments so they don't change anything to adjust for the specific team they face. Harbaugh is stubborn, Trestman is stupid and Dean Pees must be married to Biscotti's aunt or something because he has no business at all being an NFL coach or a coach at any level.

  5. what happem to flacco suggs common ravens u lost all regular season games forgot what ray said common u guys bang em u guys are having a game with steelers next u guys have to get em go ravens goo ban em show the teams who u r

  6. Even with Pittsburgh is 2-1 and Baltimore is 0-3, I guess it does not matter since roethlisberger is suffering left knee injuries. I knew he played great against the 49ers.

  7. I know we won, but that fourth down call was bullshit. He broke the plane with the ball -which they TOTALLY say works today -and even if not Andrew Whitworth recovered the fumble. TD.

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