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Check out highlights from the Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys Week 3 matchup. Week 3 of the 2015 NFL Season. Watch game highlights from the Atlanta …

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  1. as a cowboy fan im proud of those boys they played there ass off they just ran out of gas. to many injurys but if they played this good now imagine when they have everyone back.

  2. as a cowboy fan im proud of those boys they played there ass off they just ran out of gas. to many injurys but if they played this good now imagine when they have everyone back.

  3. Great game by the falcolns, but i think a healthy dallas would win over the falcolns. I do not think falcolns fans onow exactly how many playmakers they are missing. Romo, Bryant, Scandrick, Hardy, McClain, Mincey, Gregory. I just don't think anyone actually thinks about how short handed they are now.

  4. I heard so many cowboy fans running their mouths about this being an easy game.."even with their secondaries"….now they saying they lost because they didn't have their starters. You cowboy fans don't make any sense >.<

  5. we got beat fair & square, injuries will be injuries, cant make excuses. but i really hope we get to meet ATL in the playoffs. imagine two completely healthy teams.
    romo & dez vs matty ice & julio. shit that'd be fun

  6. like i been saying all along.the cowboys is a fucked up organization.the one thing you cant deny.Jimmy Johnson demanded order.and people doing there fucking job.we have not had it sence.Jerry Jones run this team.that will always be the problem.all you assholes that want to challenge me on the old saying do a real good championship team.blow a big lead in the second half.the defense cant stop a dam thing.and the yes man cant stop the avalanche from happening.because there is no real order to this team.

  7. been waitin 50 years and have been disappointed to the point that I expect the wheels to fly off any second now. but after watch in Matt , Julio and Mr. Freeman I am starting to get excited again. RISE UP!

  8. Let this be a notice to all NFL teams!
    Dont go into halftime thinking you've already won just because you put up 28 points in the first half. Because this is what happens when you let your guard down in the NFL! Make all the excuses you want but a win is a win and my boys are 3-0!

  9. Dallas Cowboys Defense will get much better when Hardy, Gregory, Mincey and McClain get back we couldn't get a consistent pass rush out of Crawford and Lawrence see Hardy and others gives us a chance at rushing the passer constantly. McClain is one of the top run stopper MLB, #DallasForlife  Big-D Fans don't panic helps on the way it's not how you start a season it's how you finish we will be in the hunt and will make a run at the super bowl Dez and Tony will come back the same game so haters get your popcorn ready cause our defense will be much better by week 9 and # 9 and 88 be back by then to make this championship run cause JR was just getting his feet wet ATL didn't shut anything down we just couldn't stop a great WR cause Freeman is really not that good no mincey who is a run stopper no McClain both Run Stopper so Dallas haters keep watching football b4 anointing anyone the SB yet

  10. We're up 21-7 and this fucking asshole rolls out to the left and throws it across his fucking body… Weeden may have only had four incompletions but failed to get the football down the damn field… just threw short slants and screens and dump offs. Defense couldn't stop the run whatsoever, got gassed. We were pathetic from the last drive of the first half until the last whistle
    … we fucking choked… we need Romo or our season is fucked.

  11. NFC playoff teams- Green Bay Packers 13-3 Atlanta Falcons 12-4 Arizona Cardinals 12-4 Dallas Cowboys 10-6 Seattle Seahawks 11-5 Carolina Panthers 9-7 AFC playoff teams- New England Patriots 14-2 Denver Broncos 13-3 Cincinnati Bangles 12-4 Indianapolis Colts 10-6 Buffalo Bills 10-6 and Oakland Raiders 9-7

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