Watch NFL Brady Launches 79-Yard Bomb to Chris Hogan for the TD! | Ravens vs. Patriots | NFL Wk. 14 Highlights

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After the Ravens score 17 unanswered points, Tom Brady finds a hole in the Ravens defense and launches a bomb to Chris Hogan to put the Patriots up 30-20 …

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This NFL’s video is titled Brady Launches 79-Yard Bomb to Chris Hogan for the TD! | Ravens vs. Patriots | NFL Wk. 14 Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:03, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. The announcing in the game was terrible. Every play was about where a player went to college. Then statements like "You don't do that to Tom Brady!"

  2. there is something about Tom Brady and white receiver no lies he makes them so much better like I'm I the only one that seeing this trend. Tom Brady should of won Heisman

  3. I could've sworn that on the original broadcast, there was a "FLAG" indicator. When I saw that (or, didn't see it, apparently — hallucination, likely), I figured it was gonna be called back for a hold or some junk. But in the end, there was no flag. Great play. Pats win. Let's GOOO.

  4. The scariest part with Brady is that he is essentially breaking the win record with every win, and he still looks like he is in his prime…

  5. Hogan saw free safety close to line so he changed his route, hoping that Brady saw the same thing which he did. It was like telepathy between a QB and his WR. Eric Weddle later admited his mistake.

  6. I love this play! Chris Hogan has done the Pats well. If Brady had not done this and if Hogan didn't catch this, this probably would have gone into overtime. One of my favorites indeed.

  7. Hogan burnt that defender to a crisp. He had no chance. Hogan can change speeds very quickly, he came up to the guy at one speed then put a burn on and wiped him out. Never seen a guy juke a defender by running in a straight line before.

  8. I was at this game looking at this play from behind up high on the Pats side, and leading up to this play, the Ravens had been managing to crawl back up, and I could feel uneasiness starting to form in the crowd, I thought if we lose this, it could get ugly. Then when Brady airs it out, I saw Hogan alone, my friend and I stood up, and it seemed for a moment I heard nothing; watching the ball come and hoping Hogan would catch it, when he did, we all just erupted. That was a big play to help keep the Pats on track.

  9. As a Pats fan, I never thought I would miss Hogan so much. At least he could get open downfield unlike the guys we've got now.

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