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After going up 23-3, back-to-back special teams mistakes by the Patriots allowed the Ravens to score 16 unanswered points before Tom Brady launched a …

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  1. The Ravens defense did everything they could. They called the right blitzes. The man coverage was really solid. Brady is just that good.

  2. This game prove that special teams is absolutely 1/3 of the game. It also proves that you don't give all your money to your quarterback who's not even that good and then struggle to be relevant again…. Ravens

  3. You know as much as I hate the patriots it's always a good game against you guys never a blow out like in the playoffs too. I have a lot respect for you guys at the same time. GG and congrats on the super bowl win in Feb. hopefully we will have another classic playoff battle against you guys come January! Best of luck this season ~Die Hard Ravens Fan here.

  4. Coming from a Pats fan this is absolutely horrible
    Bad tackling
    Missed assignments
    Bad tackling
    Dropped passes
    Poor special teams plays
    If this is what there bringing into 2017 then the hype is false
    Cmon New England !!!!!!

  5. They never took out their starters, it's preseason. The chiefs took theirs out in the first quarter jeez.

  6. gg pats
    it annoys me how when an offense does well against our defense everyone goes crazy and says it's proof they have a good offense.
    Our defense doesn't have good games sometimes. This was one. gg

  7. So much for the boycott, Americans don't stand for anything. When American citizens disrespect their flag and anthem on national tv every night and the simple minded Americans say, So what, I don't care." case closed. You have lost the respect and become the laughing stock of world sports. Even then, the NFL doesn't mean anything to the rest of the world, the same as standing for your flag doesn't mean anything to be American..unbelievable shame that Americans would go to a NFL game.. Pure greed and ignorance..

  8. How the hell is flacco and Stanford the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL and they are just average at best. They seem content with just being average and never excelling to the next level. How is Baltimore going to ever get great pieces around them with that idiotic contract that they gave flacco looming at the cap space they need to start firing and rebuilding from management on up or soon the browns will be better than them.

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