Watch NFL Le'Veon Bell Explodes w/ 186 Total Yards & 2 TDs | Steelers vs. Ravens | Wk 4 Player Highlights

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Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has a massive game totaling 186 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Baltimore Ravens during Week 4 of the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Le'Veon Bell Explodes w/ 186 Total Yards & 2 TDs | Steelers vs. Ravens | Wk 4 Player Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:56, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. definitely one of the best currently by far. Man, the offense is just so aggressive with him running that ball!!

  2. Bell still not looking as sharp as last year yet, still carrying the ball in the wrong hand (almost lost it for his last TD because of that) and he's not hitting those gaps with the punch he had before. I'm sure he'll pick up but today was all about that right side and centre of the Steelers OL.

  3. People always sleep on bell as a power runner. When he gets tackled, he most always goes forward several yards after contact. A normal 3-5 yard carry turns into a 6-8 yard carry, which is huge if you are also a back who can break those 10+ pretty often. Football is a game of inches, and it always looks like bell's looking to get that extra yard or two everytime he gets the ball. Love it!

  4. 3-1, but still don't understand the Bears loss. A win is a win! Make the playoffs and anything can happen!

  5. I knew he was gonna go ham on us, we lost 2 of our top defensive linemen last week. I give our D credit tho kept him in check in the first half and they were on the field the majority of the time. Of course when your defense is missing an All-Pro nose tackle and another solid DE and the defense is on the field 65 percent of the time they are gonna give in eventually especially when Bell got the ball 35 times.

  6. 25 rushes for 100 yard is good but it’s not bell good loved his 50 yards in the pass game but I’m gonna need him to have a breakout game like that bills game last year

  7. The most underrated player in the Steelers' run-game: Rosevelt Nix – the fullback. If those 4th quarter clips weren't enough to convince you that he's the best FB in the league go back and watch the buffalo game last year. You won't see better blocking from the FB position than this in the league today; you'd have to go back and watch Lorenzo Neal tape from a decade ago.

  8. Suggs did not play most of that game. Our DEs have no clue how to set the edge. How do you let him get outside every time? Sad day to be a Ravens fan.

  9. He played good but he’s still not at the level he has been his past couple seasons. He’s a lot more “careful” if you will when he runs. He just not as loose and wiggly and all over the place as he usually is. Hopefully he starts getting back into his groove

  10. Why do we argue who’s the best back? It’s a matter of opinion and although there is a obvious right answer, it’s not worth arguing about

  11. Gahdamn, stealers nation, your center is amazing and so is y’all running back. I hope they get a nice rise.

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