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The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 4 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …

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This NFL’s video is titled Steelers vs. Ravens | NFL Week 4 Game Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:08:34, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Let me explain something 2 whoever is listening lolol. I love this game more than anything but not more than everybody cuzz I love hailee steinfeld more than anybody lolol. But I think as long as the 3 elements on offense stay healthy they have a really great chance 2 win the super bowl. The 3 elements on the offense would be big Ben Antonio brown and Le'Veon Bell,and im not trying to disrespect the offense of line because there really important but you should always plenty of them ready 2 be replaced. The chemistry that big Ben has with Antonio brown is not replaceable and neither is le'veon bell. Those 3 elements is all you need to keep a defense off balance. A passing game a running game and a receiving game that is unstoppable. Can't forget about a good defense but the steelers are known for there good defense so will leave that be. It goes the same for every team don't get me wrong I just happened to think that there the best 3 elements in the NFL when there healthy. So don't ever disrespect the number 3 homie just working on my writing lolol. #steelher#b4ido#hailee'sfield#superbowlmvp

  2. NFL,
    Steelers @ Ravens,
    First Half,
    1st Qtr,
    Steelers 7-0 Ravens,
    Steelers 14-0 Ravens,
    2nd Qtr,
    Steelers 17-0 Ravens,
    Halftime Score,
    (Steelers 17-0 Ravens),
    Second Half,
    3rd Qtr,
    Steelers 17-7 Ravens,
    Steelers 17-14 Ravens,
    Steelers 17-21 Ravens,
    4th Qtr,
    Steelers 24-21 Ravens,
    Final Score,
    (Steelers 24-21 Ravens).

  3. Mike Hilton was such a great story last season. He really made a lot of plays for being an afterthought.

  4. I am and I will always be a Steelers fan. I have to say that I live to watch Steelers Ravens games, The most heated riverlry in the entire NFL. I love the fact that even they are mortal enimies , I love that fact that they have a great respect for each other. Always my highlights of the season.

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