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NFL Analyst, Brian Baldinger, previews the Week 1 game between the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens. Subscribe to NFL: Check out …

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This NFL’s video is titled Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens | Week 1 Game Preview | NFL Film Review and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:25, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I just am little worried Peterman is AMAZING in preseason…. 2nd year in row,, I was all in last year ,,THEN DUDE threw 5 interceptions ,, WORSE DAY EVER,,..,,DIE HARD Bills fan ,,wish AJ was in there ..LOVE TO EAT THOSE WORDS…..WHY do you trade AJ ,, I'm still PUZZLED ,, I really like ROOKIE QB ,, Nathan just worries me,, Bills 14 24 Ravens Rookie JOSH ALLEN starts next week. WINS next game ,, hope im wrong I like Nathan Peterman he is good guy a Christian , BILLs fans we need to all PRAY

  2. With all the tough talk coming from Ravens fans this week I was surprised to see them favored by only 3 points… at home.

  3. I would rather have Chad Kelly than any one of our Quarterbacks, but it doesn't matter because our line is so bad.

  4. 3rd quarter 11:23 to RAVENS 40 bills O well yea it rain all day but ya'll really need a quaterback and soon baltimore on the way to the 2019 superbowl .

  5. The bills are cursed for how they treated Tyrod Taylor after we so graciously gave him to you guys. Then you disrespect us by loving Dalton? Lol

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