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How can you Build your Body Muscles at Home?

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How can you build your-body muscles at home
Eat right, sleep right! Exercise is a must!
Help build your body build lean muscles by doing exercise even at home.
With that in mind, here are six exercises that will have you building muscle and looking great in no time:
Running or Walking. This is the easiest and simplest form of exercise, at home you move a lot from kitchen to living room, getting up stairs and down or running around the village. These exercises helps you strengthen your muscles on your legs, also a very good routine for cardio. 30 minutes running/walking can go a long way.
Squats. You can do this even while watching TV at home or while playing with your kids. Squats help you build muscles on your gluteus and butt area. You can use some weight for more intense workout. Do at least 25x in the morning and before getting to bed.
Push-ups. Find a flat surface at home and workout those arms. Push-ups helps build and strengthen muscles in your triceps area and midsections of your body. There are so many ways to do pushups and sometimes this routine is use for punishment or form of discipline in military or sports. Try to do at least 10 push-ups or as many as you can.
Crunches. It is also fun to do crunches in bed in the morning or before bed time. Crunches is an abdominal exercise works on midsection area and some part lower body like the hips. The abdominal crunch is a classic core strength exercise. Do some 10x or as many as you can.
Walking lunges. Add spice on your walking routine and do lunges. This exercise helps you build lean muscles on your hips, gluts and legs. There are different ways to do lunges like side lunges (using left and right foot) and classic lunges (front and back lunges). Try at least 20 each side or as many as you can.
Triceps dips. This exercise is a basic body weight that doesn’t require much of equipment. It is easy to tone muscles on your arms from shoulders to your elbows. You can always do them on the ground at least 20x or as many as you can.
Eating the right amount of calories and exercising these routines will jumpstart your muscle building process.
Try to lift progressively and alter your routines sometime.

10 Best Food to Help you Build Lean Muscles

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Food is one of the key to have a healthy body. We need to eat to nourish our body and furnish energy.

For those people working out and cutting weight “food” is so vital which they are very conscious about it.

Our food intake should be essentially rich in protein, carbohydrate, and good fats to help us sustain growth, repair, and vital processes for our body.

To build lean muscles protein are very essential. Protein is what body needs during and after training for muscles repair and recovery. You need at least 200g of protein and gallon of water a day.

Besides exercise like lifting or watching calorie intake; check out our top 10 items to put on your protein-friendly grocery list!

  1. Eggs – this is a perfect breakfast meal cooked hard boiled, sunny side up, scrambled or omelet. Add some wheat or whole grain toast for a full heavy meal.
    • Protein Power: 6 g per 1 large egg
  2. Cheese – this can be a perfect snack or toppings on your pasta or salads.
    • Protein Power: 14 g per 1/2 cup serving
  3. Greek Yogurt – perfect for midnight snacking. So many flavors now to choose.
    • Protein Power: 23 g per 8 oz. serving
  4. Tofu – best for a dinner meal, slightly fried.
    • Protein Power: 12 g per 3 oz. serving
  5. Quinoa – is a high protein grain, this best serve on dinner as it very light and easy to digest.
    • Protein Power: 8 g per 1 cup serving
  6. Beef Steak – lean steak provide a generous amount of protein. Best eat this meal during lunch with some vegetables on the side.
    • Protein Power: 23 g per 3 oz. serving
  7. Chicken Breast – this poultry meat is easy to cook and cheaper than beef which has almost the same amount of protein. It is good to eat this on lunch or dinner.
    • Protein Power: 24 g per 3 oz. serving
  8. Pork Chop – choose boneless and remove fats to reduce calories.
    • Protein Power: 26 g per 3 oz. serving
  9. Salmon – this is one of people’s favorite meat. So easy to prepare and cook.
    • Protein Power: 23 g per 3 oz. serving
  10. Mixed Nuts – are good as morning snacks or food to munch right after workout. Make sure to watch out for sodium/salt.
    • Protein Power: 6 g per 2 oz. serving

We just need enough protein to build and repair muscles, and most of the time we don’t need supplements just eat most from the above list.

There are more protein rich foods in the pyramid like most of the vegetables and fruits. Make sure to always eat a balance diet.

Eating should makes us feel happy and content.

Get Warmed Up before going to Holiday shopping!

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‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Perfect time for gift giving, and going out for shopping is fun yet tiring. You can shop online but the shipping now is costly, takes time to get delivered and sometimes inaccurate.

So better go out and shop it yourself. It will be a long walk, falling in long line on the cashiers and carrying those shopping bags will be exhausting.

Why not do some warm up exercises first before you run to the mall?

Warm up exercises helps us to stretch out (good for some flexibility), body temperature will rise up (keeps you awake, ready and warm from cold weather), and strong enough to do some shopping.

Here are some easy yet effective warm up exercises;

  1. Jumping Jacks (50x)- in a standing position start jumping while arms over your head.
  2. High Knees in place (50x or at least 2 minutes) – while running in place, raise your knees above reaching waist level or as high as you can simultaneously.
  3. Jump Squats (25x) – begin in a squat position, then engage your core and jump up explosively. When you land, lower your body back into the squat position.
  4. Pushups (10-20x) – On the floor, start on a good posture push-up position. Position your arms correctly to properly support your body. Keep your back straight, flex your ab muscles and squeeze your gluteus. Then slowly lower your body as if your are pushing the floor away from your chest, and repeat. For assisted push-up, try to put your knees on the ground instead.
  5. Lunge with a Twist (20x) – start on a standing position, lift your right foot off the ground and place your right foot on the ground heel first. Then, twist your upper body to the right. Shift you left leg forward then twist.

Do these routines for only 1 to 2 repetitions depending on your capability and sleep hours. Remember you need more energy later, these routines should just warm you enough, stretch your body and boost some energy ready for a day long physical activity. Don’t overdo and tire yourself.

Stay warm and Happy shopping!

Did you know Cinnamon has many Health Benefits?

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Benefits of Sensational Cinnamon to our Body

This season, cinnamon is one of the most popular spice.

From our hot yummy drinks to home seasonal scents.

Cinnamon has a sweet scent, comforting taste and versatility which can be use in cooking different dishes and mostly desserts.

Apart from being delicious, did you know that cinnamon spice has many health benefits?

Here are my short list;

Nutrient-rich spice – it is high in manganese, fiber and calcium, plus loaded with anti-oxidants which helps our body fight diseases and get rid of body toxins.

Control blood sugar – study shows this spice helps slow digestion and reduce spikes in glucose levels which is good in maintaining blood sugar level.

Brain Boost spice – the sweet scent of this spice can increase brain activity. Use cinnamon based candles or fresheners in your house for some brain energy boost.

Good sugar substitute – it has a natural sweetness which makes it perfect choice or option especially if you want to cut some sugar intake. Use it as a topping on your hot drink or yogurt.

Common Colds and Pain Reliever – this spice is known for its ability to warm and soothe which can ease colds and flu like symptoms. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps stiff joints, sore muscles and arthritis pains. Add cinnamon to your drinks.

Spices are really known for so many health benefits, so now add some cinnamon on your list of most favorite and healthiest.


Enjoy your hot cocoa!

What to avoid to prevent from having Fat Thighs?

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What to avoid to prevent from having fat-thighs?

This season is not for our thighs to show off, but we should always be ready for summer time or at least make it a reason to simple maintain a sexy slim thighs.

Thigh fats are so difficult to get rid of because of cellulites. They are created from extra calories turn into fat cells goes directly into your thighs and push its way through underneath you skin. Scary bad stuff!

Pregnancy and aging are some causes which we can’t control and wanted to stop. There are circumstances that causes us cellulites resulting us having fat thighs which we can control and avoid them.

Before you have those cellulite and get worried to treat them, here are the things you need to know for prevention;

  1. Poor Blood Circulation – tends to cause swelling which stretches tissue allowing the fat to bulge through your skin.
  2. Fluid Retention – are stock up fluid on our body mostly on your thigh part causing to pile up cellulites and getting through your skin.
  3. Emotional stress – this causes a lot of diseases in our body and most of the time we don’t get to know about it until we are sorry and already sick or fat. With regards on having cellulites emotional stress weakens connective tissue affecting our skin health.

How to avoid these circumstances?

  • Exercise helps us to circulate our blood and makes our muscles strong. Do this everyday at least 30 minutes. Do the thigh workout routines like leg raises, scissors or squats.
  • Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. With enough quality sleep helps you to avoid stress and fatigue .
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts for good sources of vitamins, minerals needed particularly our skin like nuts.

Prevention is way better than treatment.

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